Effective TRX Workout

Effective TRX Workout
┬áIt’s time to clean the dumbbells and weights in the corner, forget at least for a while about the huge training machines and diversify your TRX program with training.

The invention of the Marines every day is gaining popularity not only in the world of fitness, but also among ordinary people. It’s understandable, because TRX is easy to use. Attach the extension cord with a carabiner to a safe place (door frame, tree branch, crossbeam, basketball ring, etc.) and everything is ready for occupation.

The principle of work is the use of a man’s own body weight, while the load level can be adjusted, and the force of gravity and our weight will do their job.

During training all muscles or some of their groups experience static tension, due to which the ligamentous tendon apparatus is strengthened, deep muscles are studied.

1. Push-ups from the floor.

Work: shoulders, chest, hands.
Difficulty: beginner.

trx workout
Trx workout

To begin with, you need to put both feet into the hinges, so that your toes “look” on the floor, securely fix your legs in this position. The initial position is the lying position in such a way that the weight of the body lies on the palm of your hand, the elbows are brought to the body, the body is parallel to the floor. Bending the elbows, we lower the breast to the floor. The body is in the straight position, only the chest touches the floor (not the legs and not the stomach), the muscles of the arms, shoulders and chest get the load, the rest of the body is as relaxed as possible. The wider the position of the arms and the more we dilute the elbows to the side, the more pectoral muscles become involved.

2. Push-ups on the TRX.

Work: hands, chest.
Difficulty: beginner.

trx workouts
Trx push-ups

The starting position – the legs on the width of the shoulders, take the handles with the palms down, stretch out their arms in front of them to the width of their shoulders, lean forward so that the body is in a diagonal position. Bending the elbows, lowering the chest down to about the level of the arms, pushing your hands to the starting position. Pectoral muscles and muscles of the arms, mainly triceps, are involved in the work.

3. Inverted thrust to the chest on the TRX.

Work: biceps, the widest back muscles (armor).
Difficulty: beginner.

Trx training

Starting position – take the handles with the palms down, bend the knees, put the legs so that the feet are pressed to the floor, the legs are shoulder-width apart, the arms are fully straightened (as shown in the picture). Bending your arms in the elbows, lift the body up until the chest is at the level of the arms. The body should form a straight line from the shoulders to the knees, the palms are always facing away from the face, do not unfold them. We lower the body to its original position. In the process of performing, you need to feel the work of the biceps and back muscles, read about fat loss workout.

4. Extension of hands, kneeling.

Works: triceps.
Difficulty: beginner.
A very simple but effective exercise. The starting position – standing on the knees, we take the TRX handles with the palms down, so that your hands are above your head. Hands on the width of the shoulders, forearms are parallel to each other. We bend our elbows, lowering the upper part of the body to the floor until the arms are approximately at the level of the ears, then we extend our arms to the starting position. In the process of doing the elbows are fixed in one position, do not reduce or dilute them, you need to feel how the triceps stretch, its burning, then there will be the effect of the exercise.

5. Thrust to the chest.

Work: back, shoulders, biceps, abdominal muscles.
Difficulty: beginner.
This exercise is the key to a strong back. It is similar to exercise number 3 with the only difference that here emphasis is more on the work of the muscles of the back. We take the arms on elongated hands, the palms facing each other, the feet are pressed to the floor, the body forms a diagonal, the blades are brought together. We bend our elbows, pushing the body upwards so that the chest is at the level of the arms. In this exercise you need to feel the work of the back, at the peak – sensations such as if the body is a stretched string bow, exercises are performed with the blades closed.

6. Thrust to the breast with one hand.

Work: back, shoulders, biceps, abdominal muscles.
Difficulty: advanced.

trx training
Trx exercise

Exercise, similar to the previous one, is only performed with one hand for those who want to load more muscles of the back.

7. Thrust to the chest with three positions of the hands.

Work: back, shoulders, biceps, abdominal muscles.
Difficulty: average level.
This traction of the breast is “three in one.” The principle of the action of the two previous exercises, but it is carried out with both hands in three different positions in one approach.

trxFor example, we perform several repetitions with unfolded brushes up, then – several repetitions with unfolded brushes inward, in the end – several repetitions with unfolded hands down.

Exercises carried out with the help of TRX – fashionable equipment for training with own weight, are more energy-intensive than any other complex movement of a similar type.

To understand the effectiveness of the exercise that we propose, imagine jumping out of squatting on a planet where the gravity is 30 times greater than on Earth. In addition, this exercise perfectly develops coordination, flexibility and endurance.