Fat-Loss Workout – What is it?

Fat-Loss Workout – What is it?

In the gym are both experienced and not experienced athletes. On average, 80% of all visitors to gyms use fat loss workout or tend to either gain muscle mass or lose weight. If you want to lose weight or clean your belly and sides, this article will definitely help you in this.

Here you will learn about all the components of an effective workout for fat burning, and also find an example of a weight loss training program. In this example, you will also make a personal program for yourself, classes on which will give much more results than for any other program downloaded from the Internet. The program of training for weight loss can be written on your own, and soon you will see for yourself!

How does fat burning work?

To make it clearer, we will first analyze this question – where does it come from? It’s simple: usually, subcutaneous fat accumulates in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, or those who have health problems or just a slow metabolism, such as endomorphs.

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Endomorph – a person with spherical forms: a large belly, a round head, a broad chest, small growth and subcutaneous fat. The set of muscle mass is given to them quite easily, but losing weight is difficult.

So, if you have any disease that manifests itself in the formation of subcutaneous fat or swelling of the body, you must first cure it and consult with the doctor before embarking on training. And if the matter is in a sedentary lifestyle, then the solution is this: you need to distribute the incoming calories so that the body consumes more than it consumes. 60% of success depends on nutrition.

Protein diet for weight loss will help you in the shortest time to get rid of extra pounds. This knowledge is necessary for training to produce good results.

Weight loss training

For people who want to lose weight and form a relief figure, aerobic and HIIT workouts are best for them – they strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase endurance and work capacity of the body. Also, this training accelerates the recovery of the body after strength training, as well as mental stress, increases resistance to stress.

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Women’s training with dumbells

However, basic exercises can not be neglected – their performance requires the body to spend a huge amount of calories, and they will help maintain a good muscle tone, and maybe even muscle growth. This is possible with a well-formed diet: a lot of protein and few carbohydrates.

The training program for weight loss will be quite dense: to achieve a quick and high-quality result you will have to do it 5 times a week, 3 of these 5 workouts will last at least an hour. When and what you need to eat when training for weight loss you can learn from the article: How to lose weight?

Training program for fat burning and weight loss
On our site you can find all the necessary information in order to create your own personal training program for fat burning. Although the best option is to entrust the job to a professional! If you decide to make the program yourself, then you need to consider the following factors:

  • Age. This is an important factor that can limit the list of exercises used during training. For example, a teenager of 16 years is not recommended to do deadlift with large weights.
  • Health status. This aspect is no less important, because the purpose of training is to strengthen health, and not to destroy it. At the slightest doubt, it is better to consult a doctor before embarking on training.
  • Schedule of life. I will explain by an example: a person working as a loader and an administrator in a computer club needs different approaches to training, since one day he sits on a chair, while the seventh sweat comes off the other.
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Fat-loss workout

Hormones and fat burning

It has been proven that even with an average level of insulin in the blood, the fat burning process stops. This means that most of us will not be able to lose weight to the “cubes”, if we engage in a full stomach. At least, this applies to those who have less than 15% fat for men, and 22% for women. In such people, a high level of insulin can block fat burning even with a fairly obvious overall caloric deficit. Therefore, they need to eat less carbohydrates than those who simply lose weight and get rid of excess weight.

Cortisol can block fat burning. Its high level is associated with both general and training stress. A person who is too zealously engaged, can stop losing weight, and his press as it were “flooded” with a lot of “water”. If the weight has changed overnight, for example, immediately after training, or within 24 hours, it is worth checking the level of cortisol.

The reason is that under normal training regimen and restrictive diet we do not see our press, there can be a high level of prolactin. It can be caused by medication, or too high stress.