Nutrition tips for weight loss and for fitness

Nutrition tips for weight loss and for fitness

In the modern world, when much needs to be done, very often people neglect their health and do not worry about nutrition.Fast food is everywhere and everywhere. Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries are the most frequent orders in fast food restaurants.

But very few people think about how many harmful substances get into the human body, when consuming fried, salty, smoked and fatty foods. A fast food preparation is generally evil.

nutrition for weight loss
Proper fitness nutrition

But, there comes a time when a person starts to feel not very well, then comes the understanding of how important it is to eat right when playing sports.

Proper nutrition in fitness

It’s good to be healthy, cheerful and full of strength and at the same time to have a slender figure! How can this be achieved? The answer is simple. An effective method is a combination of proper nutrition and exercise.

To begin with, we will understand the concept of “fitness”. This term means good physical fitness, a properly selected system of simple but effective exercises and a diet.

nutrition tips
Right nutrition for fitness

Proper nutrition during fitness classes is an important part in achieving the effect of maintaining a slender figure.

If you want to achieve significant results, then you need to compile yourself, or with the help of a nutritionist, an individual menu.

How to eat properly while doing fitness

There are several recommendations with which you will achieve your goals:

  1. Choice of products. Always be attentive to the date of manufacture and the shelf life of the products. The longer they are stored, the more preservatives they contain.
  2. Quality of products. It should be as high as possible. Choose natural and fresh products.
  3. Diet. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner at one time. Try to keep the portion the same every time.
  4. Proper cooking. Cook for a couple. For the duration of the diet, exclude smoked, fried, salted, spicy foods. And also refuse baking and sweets.
  5. Distribution of protein, fat and carbohydrate content. Morning is the time of complex carbohydrates. The best breakfast for an athlete at this time is cereal cereals and a freshly squeezed glass of juice. Lunch should be less dense, but with a lot of protein food. Supper during a fitness diet is preferably earlier than in normal times, mainly fruits and vegetables. Evening portion, if you do not engage in power training, you need to reduce. For dinner, together with vegetables, it is best to eat something protein and not fat, such as chicken breast or steamed / boiled fish, this will help to grow faster and recover your trained muscles.
  6. While eating, do not read or watch TV, so you are gorging on a smaller portion.
  7. All in moderation! Eat every 3 hours in small portions. If you are overly busy, take fruit with you to work. For example, between lunch and dinner, you can have a bite with a couple of bananas and a glass of kefir.
  8. Water is the source of life. During the diet should drink at least a minimum of 2 liters of distilled water. And during exercise, you should further increase fluid intake.
  9. Fiber is the best way to cleanse the body. To enter the human body the required amount of fiber it is important to eat during the day, not less than 500 grams of vegetables or fruits. If it is difficult for you, you can buy fiber in the pharmacy.
  10. Eat the right fats! It is best to consume seafood during training. Omega-3 and omega-6, contained in sea fish, make it an indispensable source of the right fats.
  11. If you want to pump biceps, read this article.
nutrition tips
Healthy eating

Meals after exercise

Nutrition after exercise fitness should not be heavy, but containing a sufficient amount of carbohydrate food.

Nutrition at losing weight

In order to lose weight do not necessarily give up your favorite products, it will be enough just to make some changes to the normal diet. Just try to eat them less often, and it will be even more useful if you find them analogs. In addition, your diet should be composed of the correct ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats. With all this, you need to make sure that you have enough calories to run your own program.

nutrition tips
Healthy food
  1. Try to eat only when you are really hungry and clearly feel hungry. No matter how strange, but very often we eat, because we are accustomed to the full state of the stomach. How to check – are you hungry or do you think? For this you need to come up and drink a glass of water. If you do not feel hungry, you must eat.
  2. Very much interfere with the process of losing weight so-called fat – forming products. Such foods include: flour products, cereals, potatoes, as well as various sweets. Try to reduce, but it is better to remove all these foods from the diet.
  3. Products that do not form fat, it is also desirable to consume in moderate amounts. This – meat, milk, fish, vegetables and cottage cheese, sweet and sour fruit.
  4. Obesity is promoted by : the thick – in the first dish, garnish – in the second, sweet – in the third.
  5. A mandatory item is to limit the calorie content of food by reducing the amount of carbohydrates and fats with sufficient protein, mineral salts and vitamins.
  6. Sensations of satiety can be achieved by keeping more vegetables and fruits that contain fiber.
  7. If you want to lose weight – do not eat on the go.
  8. Increase the number of meals. So, for example, from three meals a day you can switch to six meals a day. It was estimated that eating an equal amount of food in 6 receptions, you lose 2 times faster than eating three meals a day.
  9. Drink more water. 1 cup of food, drunk before meals (10-15 minutes) fills the stomach and helps to manage a more modest meal.

So, here are the top 10 recommendations for proper nutrition, when practicing fitness. By following these simple recommendations, you will achieve significant success. Eat right and stay healthy!