keto diet

Keto diet for weight loss in terms of science. Fats against carbohydrates

The science behind the popular keto diet: the principle and description. Ketogenic diet (keto) – a trend diet, promises to lose weight and a more slender figure, but is it doomed to failure? The truth is that the keto diet works. Continue reading “Keto diet for weight loss in terms of science. Fats against carbohydrates”


Overtraining and recovery

In this article we will highlight such ambiguous processes in bodybuilding as overtraining and recovery.

How much volume volume of work in the context of a unit of time is an indicator, which is called the intensity of training. At the same time, depending on the intensity of training, you need a different time, which is necessary for your body so that your body can fully relax and begin to grow. Continue reading “Overtraining and recovery”


Nutrition tips for weight loss and for fitness

In the modern world, when much needs to be done, very often people neglect their health and do not worry about nutrition.Fast food is everywhere and everywhere. Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries are the most frequent orders in fast food restaurants.

But very few people think about how many harmful substances get into the human body, when consuming fried, salty, smoked and fatty foods. A fast food preparation is generally evil. Continue reading “Nutrition tips for weight loss and for fitness”


Effective TRX Workout

 It’s time to clean the dumbbells and weights in the corner, forget at least for a while about the huge training machines and diversify your TRX program with training.

The invention of the Marines every day is gaining popularity not only in the world of fitness, but also among ordinary people. It’s understandable, because TRX is easy to use. Attach the extension cord with a carabiner to a safe place (door frame, tree branch, crossbeam, basketball ring, etc.) and everything is ready for occupation.