Swings with kettlebells

Swings with kettlebells

Swings with kettlebells – an exercise that migrated to the crossfire of kettlebell lifting. Only those who are far from power sports disciplines have not noticed how much the popularity has grown over the past few years. The reason – in the huge potential of dumbbells, their ability in a short time to turn the fragile visitor of the gym into a strong and hardy athlete.

How to do mahi weight
How to do mahi weight

What muscles work?

The main load during the performance of weight gains falls on:

  • gluteus muscles;
  • biceps hips;
  • quadriceps;
  • lumbar spine;
  • abdominal Press.

The movement has an inertial character – the role of the hands is secondary. At the start, the tone of the maham is set by the feet, the end result depends on their strength and coordination. On his feet, and oriented exercise – swings are a good help to athletes practicing squats and becoming cravings. The inertia given by the feet and the press is enough for about 70-80 percent of the amplitude. On the last leg of the way, the front deltas are included in the work. The task of this muscle group is to bring the trajectory to its logical conclusion, that is, let the weights be at the level of the face or slightly above the head. Hands breeding in the simulator is a good exercise to pump hands muscles.

The projectile is held by brushes, so the “grasping” muscles are also of considerable importance. But the crossfit does not use excessively heavy weights, so a huge grip strength is not required. Nevertheless, brushes are used all the time, which can not but be reflected positively and on their strengthening.

On the other hand, if the grip strength is one of the goals, with the help of the flies it is easy to realize the task. Gireviki are famous for their powerful brushes. One of the criteria for determining the quality of skis is curious. Experts recommend to attach the skis back sides to each other. Since there is a bend in the runners, there should be a small gap between the attached structures. Good skids are different in that the skier is not able to squeeze them so that the gap disappears. But! This test works with all but the weightlifters – this is emphasized by managers of sports stores.

Benefits of Exercise

The classic Russian shell is universal, and swing with weight is a multifunctional exercise. Therefore, the benefits of the mahs are enormous. This movement is mandatory in kettlebell lifting and is welcomed in crossfights, mixed martial arts and other sports disciplines.

Advantages of Kettlebells:

  • development of explosive force (first of all legs);
  • strengthening of all major muscle groups;
  • development of strength endurance;
  • Preparing the body for squats, drafts and push rod bends; this applies to both force indicators and the technical side – with the help of maches a good technique is developed;
  • improvement of the cardiovascular system;
  • possibility to diversify the training program.

Pluses a lot. But you need to remember about the limitations. Mahi with kettlebells are contraindicated for problems with the lower back, shoulder and hip joints, brushes. Pain or even a relatively small discomfort is the reason to refrain from doing this exercise.

Typical mistakes in maching with weights
Typical mistakes in maching with weights

Technique of execution

From the correct execution depends and the result, and the health of muscles and joints. Consider how to perform a swing exercise with a weight correctly.

Technique of execution:

  • the starting position (PI) – the legs are shoulder width apart, the pelvis is pulled back, the knees are slightly bent, the back is straight; The projectile is in front of the legs at a distance equal to the length of the foot;
  • keeping the back straight, grasp the weight with both hands, tear it off the floor and swing back, behind the pelvis line; in the lower phase the body is almost parallel to the floor; the movement is performed, basically, by the force generated by the rotation of the hip joints; flexion and extension of the knee joints is insignificant;
  • after swing backwards, push the weight forward and upward with a powerful effort of the pelvis and legs; arms even, slightly bent at the elbows; in the starting phase of recovery, the load from the heels is transferred to the front part of the feet; accelerates the projectile due to an accentuated reduction in the gluteal muscles and pelvic movement; The knees bend and are somewhat forward;
  • after the weight is at the level of the solar plexus, it is necessary to connect the front deltas and bring the projectile to the level of the face; another variation assumes a peak slightly above the head; the higher the weight rises, the greater the load falls on the shoulder joints;
  • allow the projectile to return to the IP; The weight drops, basically, due to inertia, but the gluteal muscles must be strained constantly;
  • Do not give the weight to be too far behind, do the following repetition.

Thus, it is necessary to execute a specified number of repetitions or wave off with a load of the planned time. We considered a variant with one weight and two hands. There are other variations:

  • with two shells with both hands;
  • with one shell with one hand (alternately).

In the first case, it is necessary to coordinate the work of the hands. The second variation is also branched – the order is different. For example, you can change your hands as you reach fatigue or with every repetition.

Common Mistakes

Performing swing giri with two hands or practicing in a different format, you need to avoid mistakes. Among the latter:

  • Performing swings in the presence of problems in the shoulder joints and / or lower back; ignoring this recommendation is fraught with aggravation of problems;
  • training without warm-up; warm-up – it’s warming up muscles and ligaments, preparing the body for hard work; 10-15 minutes for preparation, and you not only protect yourself from injuries, but also increase the effectiveness of the exercise;
  • weakening of the buttocks at the upper point, in which the main load on themselves is taken by deltas; relaxing the gluteal muscles, you lose control of the negative phase – the lowering goes too sharp;
  • too amplitude movement – shells rise high above their heads; for power indicators and functionality, the excess trajectory does not give anything, but the risk of injuring the shoulders increases;
  • separation of heels from the floor; this leads to a loss of control over the weight, as a result of which the shell outweighs the athlete – the back is rounded, and this is fraught with injury;
  • withdrawal from one line of the neck and spine; Look down or, even more, throw your head back, you can not;
  • shifting the “responsibility” for moving to the hands; we recall that the main part of the trajectory is the role of the hands reduces to fixing the projectile.
Typical mistakes in maching with weights
Typical mistakes in maching with weights

Machs in CrossFit

And finally, a couple of examples of training programs, including a fly with kettlebells.

Cross-complex FGS

An exercise Number of repetitions
Shwung with weights 10
Kettlebell swing with both hands 10
Berpies 10
Twisting (press) 15-20

Cross-complex Lazy

An exercise Number of repetitions
Push the dumbbells thirty
The jerk of weights thirty
Mahi with two-handed weight 50