squats with a barbell

How to do squats with a barbell on the shoulders?

For those who want to pump up the leg muscles, the squats with a barbell on the shoulders will become a real find. During the training, not only the buttocks, thigh biceps and quadriceps are pumped, but also the strength of the back, the press and the shoulders will develop. Continue reading “How to do squats with a barbell on the shoulders?”

Press of dumbbells standing

Despite the increasing popularity of the theoretical base in gyms, there are still myths about basic and insulating work like press of dumbbells. That is why, apart from all, there is an exercise, which some experts attribute to basic, and others – to isolation, namely, a press of dumbbells standing up. Continue reading “Press of dumbbells standing”

Hands breeding in the simulator

The hands breeding in the simulator is an exercise that suits both beginners and professionals. The first use it as a “springboard” to prepare for a heavy base, the latter – for grinding the chest muscles. “Butterfly”, as this movement is also called, is one of the most popular in modern gyms. Continue reading “Hands breeding in the simulator”

breeding legs

Breeding the legs in the simulator

Breeding the legs in the simulator is an isolated exercise aimed at working out the buttocks and the outer thigh area. The element does not replace the whole workout, but by including it in the basic training for the lower part of the body, you can give the hips an attractive shape and emphasize the waist line.

Continue reading “Breeding the legs in the simulator”

Balance board

Exercises on the balance board

The industry of a healthy lifestyle is advancing in huge steps. A significant role in this advancement was played by new sports, such as crossfit or fitness variations. But sometimes the process of training the body goes to the absurd. In an effort to get a “functional” force, not associated with “mass”, people replace classical classes, exercises on the balance board. Is it worth using this “miracle” device, and, if so, how? Let’s consider further. Continue reading “Exercises on the balance board”