What is natural bodybuilding?

What is natural bodybuilding?

Traced cubes and a few percent of subcutaneous fat – is this possible with natural bodybuilding? Modern fitness athletes can boast of similar results, their muscle mass is not burdened by excess percent of subcutaneous fat. Fitness communities and print media are eager to invite athletes to the photo session, so that they later appear in advertising sports nutrition, gyms.

Many people dream for a short time to become the owner of such a physique, and even better. Very often it is considered by beginners that it is easy to achieve such a result, but after a few months they learn that they did not approach the professional fitness athletes for a single step.

What is the reason? Dope – this is what helps to build muscle of enormous size, but it also has a second side of the coin, read about it further.

Now, natural bodybuilding is a big rarity in the media sphere. That is, those bodies with an excellent sports form that you see in the tape of any social networks – are often the result of doping and other prohibited drugs. Unfortunately, newcomers do not know about this, and after a couple of unsuccessful months of training they are ready to drop their hands and give up fitness forever, because they did not get the promised – quick and effective result.

In reality, doping strongly changes the picture of progress. The boundary of a bad regime, improper training and other negative factors simply disappears. A person is progressing, but not everything is so simple.

What is doping?

By this term is meant the use of various pharmacological preparations, for example anabolic and androgenic steroids, or the use of growth hormone. Also recently, thyroid hormones, together with insulin, are introduced into one category of doping. All these drugs can dramatically speed up the results in fitness, but at the cost of health.

Initially, doping was created for medical purposes. Now it is used for fitness purposes, and often in hyper-dosages that give a quick result and at the same time severely undermine human health. But today we will not talk about the dangers of steroids, but about natural bodybuilding, without the use of doping. Is it possible to get a result without using such substances? Our answer is yes.

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Natural bodybuilder

Natural bodybuilding

Immediately specify, the use of sports nutrition and other food additives is allowed, and does not violate the concept of “naturalness” training. However, substances that change the hormonal background are automatically 5-10 times equal to prohibited doping.

Steroids increase strength, strength endurance and speed of recovery. As a result, a person can give the muscles a tremendous load and at the same time have time to recover before the next workout for women. What is surprising is that the nature of the load does not play a big role.

In a natural bodybuilding, everything is different – you have to choose a volume of load that does not hurt your recovery and will not damage your central nervous system. This fact often complicates the progress of natural athletes. They take on their shoulders a volume training volume of the load, and simply do not stand it.

What is the difference between a natural bodybuilder and a chemist?

Globally they are distinguished by the effect on the DNA of their cells. And in the first and second case, there is activation of certain structures in our genome associated with protein synthesis, copying information associated with protein synthesis occurs and then a synthesis occurs in these very cells.

In a natural bodybuilder, this process is much less than that of a chemist. Because in the first and in the second case the process is started with the help of anabolic hormones released under the influence of training stress. In a natural bodybuilder, the amount of hormones is very much limited by his physiology, and the chemist has no such limitations, except his finances.

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Chemist or natural bodybuilder?

Therefore, it turns out that a natural bodybuilder has much less room for progress. First of all, the quantity and quality of growth is much less than that of a chemist because of the limited amount of anabolic hormones. And in the second case, reaching a certain natural ceiling – progress generally cease, because more than a certain physiological amount of hormones in a natural bodybuilder will not be developed.
In order to solve these two problems, we can increase the volume of the lungs, if a person reaches a certain physiological limit, further progress in him is limited by the volume of anabolic hormones – testosterone.

Basic rules for the growth of muscle mass without steroids


Only when you become stronger, you will build muscle mass without taking dope. This has been repeatedly proved in studies. Our brain sends a request for new muscle tissue only in case of acute necessity. The growth of working weights and the corresponding need for an increase in strength indicators are an excellent stimulus for muscle growth.

To increase the strength it is necessary to train in a range of repetitions from 4 to 6 in each set. For each muscle group there will be enough 8-10 sets. That is, it can be 2 exercises for 5 sets, or three exercises for 4-4-2 approaches, respectively. More should not be done, because the load will become too great.

Frequency of training

According to a fresh meta-analysis of studies concerning muscle mass gain, muscle group training should be at least 1 time, and a maximum of 3 times in 7-10 days. The most optimal option 2 times a week.

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Training with weights

It can be a split-training program for 3 days a week, during which you have time to work out all muscle groups in the first days, and within 3 days you choose the best exercises for all muscles. Reduce the volume, and at the same time load all the muscles.


Sleep should be from 6 to 8 hours a day. It is desirable that it was a night continuous sleep, rather than several sessions including daytime.

In addition to sleep, you need to protect yourself from domestic stress, especially at work. Of course, it’s impossible to do this 100%, but in your power to minimize stress factors.

The amount of protein

For the growth of muscle mass, you need from 1.7 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of lean muscle mass. Usually it is from 150 to 200 g of protein. Consider both animal and vegetable protein.