Workouts for women – benefit or harm?

Workouts for women – benefit or harm?

For a long time the territory of the gym was exclusively male. However, times have changed, it’s time to show workouts for women in the gym. The complex of exercises in the gym for girls carves out the female body, giving it exciting bends and relief. Increasing the testosterone level will make a woman more hardy and strong, which is very useful for training in the gym.

The workouts for women is aimed at the following objectives:

  • the creation of the relief of muscles;
  • maintaining the form and promoting health;
  • losing weight.

The last two goals are interrelated, they are quite significant, but they require no less self-control and effort, as in the first case.

Regardless of the motives that lead the women to the gym, it is desirable that the first time the exercises were supervised by the trainer, and with him – an individual fitness program was developed.

However, this pleasure is not everyone can afford, so you can use proven systems and trx workouts for women. The best complexes for beginners are selected taking into account the level of physical training, so as not to overload the muscles in the first lesson.

best workouts for women
Butt exercise

Training program

Workouts for women on the principle of “trying everything at once” will lead to nowhere, the same can be said about training to failure. To exhaust yourself to the extreme is clearly not a woman’s business. Excessive enthusiasm for weighting and repetition will lead to an overload of the muscles of beginning athletes and a significant reduction in progress.

The main condition for success is gradualness and caution with increasing intensity of training.

The second factor that affects the effectiveness of any fitness program for women is the implementation of the sports plan through the preparatory stage. Before you start serious exercises for the development of specific muscles, it is worthwhile to spend 2-3 weeks of general development workouts for women. This will allow the muscles to get used to the stresses and prepare for more serious activities.

In addition, you need to carefully study the technique of each exercise. Improper performance of even the simplest movements, especially with weights, will lead to serious injuries to the hands, feet and back. Finally, you can create a diary where you can record the daily progress of losing weight.

exercise routine for women
Women’s workout

Warm up

To lose weight, reduce the amount of fat deposits, it is worth paying special attention to the warm-up process. Many people think that warm-up is wasted time, and they are mistaken. In the process, the body switches to intensive work, all muscle groups are warmed up. Warm-up before and after training will significantly reduce the pain after the load, protect against injuries, and relieve fatigue.

It is worth starting a warm-up from the cardio zone. A good slimming effect for women will be given by a 10-minute fitness program, including a jog, for the complication of the process, you can use the function of “going uphill.” The simulator is an elliptical, on which motions simulating running on skis are made.

These exercises simultaneously involve the muscles of the hands, legs and torso, so you can quickly achieve the desired shape. During the workouts for women, the pulse speeds up to 120 strokes, which contributes to the blood filling of the muscles, the inflow of oxygen, and the increase in metabolic activity.


Stretching is an excellent tool for increasing muscle elasticity and joint mobility. Stiffness of movements is the main scourge of most beginning athletes, because for a good effect of training, many exercises are better performed in a wide range. So, the program of stretching the legs will make it possible to achieve greater squat depth, the hands can withstand low push-ups. For stretching enough simple slopes forward, in the hand, the rotation of the hands and lunges. It takes 8-10 minutes to complete this set.

best workouts for women
Stretching exercise

Load distribution

The load, especially for women, is selected individually, taking into account all the characteristics of the athlete, physical fitness, level of preparation and contraindications. In some cases, the preference for training individual parts of the body matters.

So, in the body of a woman, most of the muscle mass is concentrated in the lower half of the body, so progress is achieved faster and easier. Training hands, breasts will require perseverance and time.

Not only the mood of women associated with the menstrual cycle, it also affects the performance. During the first two weeks after the end of menstruation, the body is at the peak of activity, strength and endurance. That is why the intensity of training should be selected with this factor in mind, this cyclicity is called microperiodization. The account of natural mechanisms will make it possible to achieve a powerful and lasting result in a short time.

workout for women

However, no matter what the indulgence for beginners, all the same, fitness in the gym – this is not a lesson in physical education. You set a goal, set yourself up for intensive training with a short rest. Deficiency, the use of small scales will be just a tread on the spot, so you do not get any pumped press, nor strong muscles of the hands and buttocks.

A sufficient level of burden for women is the average values ​​in each exercise: 10-15 repetitions in each of 5-6 approaches. A lightweight program for women can take place in 3-4 approaches. Take the weight with which you will finish the training. Between the approaches you can rest 30-60 seconds, listen to the sensations. If you feel a sharp pain in the muscles of the hands or feet, then the training should be stopped immediately.

Why do we need a basic exercises

For a harmonious development of the body and losing weight, a regular complex load on the female muscles is necessary. As practice shows, it is much more useful to strain the whole body with training than to work through 1-2 muscles for an hour. It is advisable to pump the stomach or the priest separately if the physical preparation of the muscles of the hands, back and chest is at a good level.

That’s why to build a dream figure you need multidisciplinary “basic” exercises, which simultaneously work out all muscle groups. There are only three basic exercises:

  • squats with weighting;
  • bench press with a barbell;
  • deadlift.

Squats with weight bring the entire lower body of women into shape. The work includes buttocks, quadriceps, hip muscles, calves, press and back.

best workouts for women
Woman before training

A press with a bar strengthens the chest and arm muscles. Depending on the position of the body during exercise (on a straight or inclined bench), the upper or thoracic lower muscles are involved. The same system works when changing the position of the hands: a narrow or wide grip. It is better for beginners to stick to the golden mean and put their hands about the width of their shoulders. Remember, when pushing out, you need to exhale, dropping the projectile – inhaling.

The deadlift is aimed at working out the whole body, hands, legs, buttocks and press. Can be performed with dumbbells or a barbell. For weight loss, and not muscle gain, it is enough to take a weight of 12-15 kg.

Basic fitness program takes more than 80% of the entire training time, it is the main tool for the formation of the muscular framework, muscle development and weight loss.

Fitness room for weight loss

Contrary to the popular belief that the gym go to get pumped up, it is perfect for losing weight. But to achieve the cherished goal, only exercises will not be enough. Any fitness training program, no matter whether it is aimed at mass gain, weight loss or professional drying, should include a certain type of diet.

There is another popular misconception: aerobic workouts are designed for weight loss, anaerobic – for weight gain. This statement is refuted by professional coaches.

In fact, only a program with the right combination of aerobic and anaerobic loads will help lose weight. The main difference between these exercises is the source of energy required for the training. So, for aerobic source is exclusively oxygen, in the case of anaerobic exercises, energy comes from the reserve contained in the muscles. Anaerobic exercise should be performed for no more than 12 seconds at peak voltage. That is, if you rock the bar more than 12 seconds, then this is aerobic training. As a rule, women who come to the gym work with aerobic exercises 90% of the time.

Basic and warm-up training for women fit into any weight loss program. Dropping extra pounds in the gym, you get a perfect figure with a beautiful relief, and most importantly – guaranteed for a long time.