Yoga For Beginners At Home

Yoga For Beginners At Home

Yoga is the art that came to us from ancient India. Yoga for beginners combines a set of spiritual and physical practices. The first mention of the art of yoga is dated to 3300 BC. For thousands of years, yoga has evolved and improved.

Today the most known direction is hatha yoga – it is most suitable for yoga classes for beginners at home. At the heart of hatha yoga is a set of asanas, special postures and body positions. According to the treatises and numerous examples of yoga lovers confirm by their example, the regular execution of asanas endows the person with health, clear mind and flexibility.

Yoga classes improve the work of all internal systems and organs of the person, make muscles and ligaments elastic, strengthen immunity, increase resistance to stress.

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Asanas of hatha yoga and other directions of yoga can be performed at home.

Yoga for beginners at home. What you need for classes

Yoga is one of the most democratic ways of healing a person. To start practicing, you do not need to buy any equipment and equipment – except for the usual gymnastic rug.

It is important to choose the right video yoga lessons for beginners (about choosing video yoga lessons for home – read below). Regularity of yoga for beginners is also important. At the very first stages of training beginners are advised to practice yoga 3-4 times a week. But very soon you will be able to feel that these activities are not enough for you: after a few months after the beginning of yoga classes for beginners at home many go into daily training. More experienced yoga experts explain this frequency of classes by the fact that yoga gives a rush of strength and good health: a person simply gets used to feeling good – he does yoga more often to prolong this sensation.

Yoga for beginners at home. Who should not practice yoga

Yoga for beginners at home is available to almost everyone. Among the contraindications for yoga: pronounced mental illness (although this issue is being studied – there is evidence that yoga has a beneficial effect on the treatment of mental problems), stroke and infarctions, oncological diseases, periods of exacerbation of chronic diseases suffered during the last year.

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Yoga exercise

It is recommended to abandon yoga classes for beginners at home, if you are sick with flu, viral infections, colds.

Yoga for beginners at home. How long is one lesson?

On average, yoga for beginners at home lasts about an hour. However, many beginners shorten the duration of yoga at home to 20-30 minutes – doing only part of the asanas of yoga. The main rule is to observe the constancy: it is better to practice yoga at home everyday, but little by little, than rarely, but for a long time.

Yoga is practiced without shoes, barefoot. In yoga, it is important to focus on what you are doing. For yoga classes beginners at home are recommended to neutralize sources of external noise and other distractions.

5 tips for those who want to do yoga seriously

  • Do not think that this is all stretching and relaxation for the lazy. There will be a load, and fatigue, and sweat, and pain in the muscles.
  • But this is not aerobics. In yoga there is no cardio, so if it’s important to you, it will have to be added separately.
  • Do not forget to tell the coach about the individual characteristics. If you have scoliosis, knee injuries, recently transferred operations are not contraindications, but the coach needs to know about all this.
  • Do not be discouraged if the results are not immediately apparent. Be consistent and enjoy the process. Yoga teaches that.
  • Watch your footsteps: the “pepa” heels of a neighbor from training you will not be discouraged, but aesthetically pleasing is not enough.

Yoga is a great way to find harmony between body and soul. After all, with a constant practice besides a beautiful and strong body, you can get an extended consciousness and complete harmony inside, like when doing natural bodybuilding.